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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Boat


Wellington is a beautiful city, located on the most southern tip of the Northern Island. It is the capital of New Zealand and a large seaport. I personally believe, that the Northern Island is the most interesting, but I'll probably get shot by the Southern Island inhabitants, as their part of NZ is magnificent too. But it's only a personal opinion!! New Zealand is divided into three main islands: North, South and Stewart. There are several small ones as well. The total population counts up to over 3.6 million inhabitants. Wellington has 370000 of those people within its borders.


Voltage: 230 V, AC, 50 Hz. Bring your universal adaptor!


Currency: New Zealand Dollar, divided into 100 Cents. All credit cards are naturally accepted.


Calls to Holland: 0031 -


Climate: Southern temperate. Not cold, nor hot. Warm clothes should be brought. Raincoat! Umbrella!


Activities and tips: Business hours: 9am-5pm. Most shops are open on Saturday morning, while some shops and markets are open on Sundays. The North Island (Te Ika a Maui = the Fish of Maui) is fabulous with its snow fringed mountains in the Tongariro National Park, its geysers and bubbling mud pools in Rotorua and many, many rivers, lakes and streams. But also the rural rolling pastures, forests and magnificent sandy beaches. Wellington is noted for its bad weather: winds and rain. It has a splendid harbour, festivals nearly each month. Take the train to the top of Mount Victoria and enjoy the fantastic views over the city. Museums, zoo, shopping in Cuba Street. Learn about the original population, the Maori's. This culture is still very much alive and can be seen all around.
Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand / Aotearoa. It is also the cultural, administrative and political center of the country. Two aspects of the city that will immediately strike any visitor are the sprawling harbour and the dramatic, hilly terrain. Everywhere you go, the sounds and smell of the ocean hang in the air, and green hills and valleys wrap you in a bear-hug embrace. At night, Wellington offers up a spectacular, shimmering cityscape that is unlike almost anywhere else in the world. Even after seeing it for the hundredth time, it takes one's breath away.

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