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Cetacea, (Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises)


Some pictures of our friends! Please allow them to live!!

Whale Tail   Whale surfacing   Whale jumping


What can I add, that others haven't done yet? Well, have a look. And judge me. As long as you allow the other intelligent species besides us on this Earth to live and thrive, undisturbed and peacefully, without fear of being hurt or even killed, we have won a little step towards our goal. Each and everyone of us should at least think about saving the whale and dolphin. And where possible, do something about it. We've done our best to murder them all. Let's now start to respect them and save them. Please see what happens if you trust them. They'll trust you. They aren't vindictive, although they have every right to be. And still, they are being hunted. By countries that don't seem to see what wonderful animals these mammals are and how much we could learn from them. And the products these countries derive from that magnificent mammal can be made artificially, at least most of them. Who knows, maybe one of these days.....? There are quite a few places in the world where you can visit the whales, I know of two, having had the experience. In Canada, on Vancouver Island, you can go along on a whale safari and you will see whales for sure. In Andenes, the Northern tip of the Vesalen Islands along the coast of Norway you can also participate in a 4 - 5 hour whale safari, just one hour sailing from the coast and you will see the Sperm Whale, guaranteed. If you don't see them, you will get a trip for free on another day! The time I went, we saw 6 Sperm Whales, of which there were two pairs, diving perfectly synchronised. I filmed them, but at home I found out I forgot to press the button in. Oh boy! But it was beautiful! One more problem, it was blowing a gusty 5 to 6 and I felt rather squeemish... There is also an interesting museum to visit there (find it near the lighthouse!).


Some interesting links

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Just a short scientific classification of the Cetacea.


Killer Whales
Blue Whales
Ancient whale, which is now extinct
Sperm Whale
Gray Whale
Right Whales
Humpback Whales
Fin Whales


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