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Vancouver, Canada

Map Vancouver

  • Vancouver is a big city. It goes on and on. It is the business capital of British Columbia (Nothing belongs to Britain. They would love to have it, but bad luck!). The center, with many large office buildings, also has interesting shopping centers, restaurants, etc. There's over 25 million square feet of office space and a similar amount of retail space.One of the things to do is take the water bus across to the island and enjoy the skyline of Vancouver from there. It is breathtaking! There are also some shopping centers on that side. If your hotel is located out of town, then get yourself a day ticket on the overhead train. You will travel high above the city with nice views, right up to the water bus. Take it from me, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

  • Money: Canadian Dollar.
  • Voltage: 110
  • Time compared to GMT summer: -7, winter: -8
Panorama Vancouver
  • Ring Holland: 01131-
  • Car rental is cheap and the cars are mostly as good as new. Rent them at the airport, There are quite a few companies all at the same spot. Gasoline is also very reasonable.The traffic is easy. The Canadian is very tolerable on the roads. Stick to your lane is sound advice.

  • Activities and tips: If you're visiting in the winter, go skiing at "Whistler Resort" (a 1.5 hours trip by car). There is another mountain resort a bit nearer with excellent skiing facilities (and beautiful views of Vancouver) and a large restaurant. In summer: you can go skiing on Blackcomb Mountain (gletcher). Go rafting, visit Stanley Park, a 1000 acres forest par within 3 minutes drive from downtown (and get out of that car for a look around). If you're lucky, you might see (killer)whales (Orca's) or sea lions swimming in the bay, or raccoons on land. Or visit Manning Park, Gastown and there's even a China Town. Plenty of places where you can eat very well and cheap. Supermarkets are generally open until 24.00 hours! Do visit the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center. Vancouver's award-winning aquarium will introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world, and living displays from the oceans around us. Open every day of the year. In Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC; Phone: 604.659.3400 Fax: 604.659.3515. E-mail: Web site: The "white" whales "Beluga's", dolphins, orca's, sea otters, etc., they're all there to see. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

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