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Istanbul. With permission from Turkish Tourist Office, Netherlands

Istanbul, Turkey

Map by courtesy of Used with permission.

  • Istanbul has that ring of mystical east, people with funny clothes, mosques, minarets, Ottomans and palaces. But it is a very modern, very large city, where you can easily spend a long holiday. Yes, you'll find the old Turkey (Istanbul was called Constantinople then) there. But also tasty food, musea, theaters, etc. The history is still there: the Church of Divine Wisdom took 7000 builders 6 years to build. Two mathematicians from Asia Minor designed the place 1400 years ago, using only the architectural knowledge, tools, materials and building methods available at that time in history. They must have been geniuses! The city is huge, spreads up the hills, so densely, that there is hardly earth left to see. The Bosphorus with the long and unbelievable busy bridge must be seen.

  • Money: Turkish Lira
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Calls to Holland: 0031 -
  • Time compared to GMT summer +3, winter +2
  • Transport: Taxi's galore. Just hail one on the road, and forget buses etc. They are very cheap.

  • Health: Check with your health center. In some parts of Turkey, there may be Malaria. Not around the big cities.

  • Activities and tips: Visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, the Kapali Carsi (the Grand Bazaar, with its 4399 shops, 12 storehouses, 492 stalls and 2198 workshops! It is closed on Sundays). Topkapi with different museum's in one area. Herbs, leather, casino, nuts. Don't hesitate to stroll along the roads of the inner city. Fruit is magnificent, the small restaurants a relevation. Choose your own fish, before it is cooked. And stroll along the Bosphorus, with its many eating places along the banks. Enjoy the skyline from there. There is just one problem: The shoe polishers. They are a pest and stick to you like flies on a sweaty body. Oh well, they have to live too!

Flag and Bosporus. With permission from Turkish Tourist Office, Netherlands

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Map courtesy of used with permission.
Created: April 14, 1998. Updated: februari 18 2010

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