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Singapore City



  • Singapore is in fact a very small country, an Island south of Malaysia, connected with that country by a "Causeway" a road across a dam. Customs are situated on this Causeway. Singapore city is the only town on the island. The climate is tropic, so temperatures are around the 30-35 degrees C. It's extremely humid and it rains nearly every day, usually at about 1600 hours. And you may call it rain, I call it downpours. It feels as if someone dropped the contents of a swimming pool on you, all at once and only at the place where you walk.It is enormous and you get very, very wet. So even if the weather looks nice, in the afternoon, bring an umbrella! Singapore is a melting pot of many cultures and races. There's the old, mystical Orient, and there's the hyper new. The town is a bit crazy. One moment you walk around (if you can stand the heat) in Chinatown, with its little shops, restaurants, temples and crowds, the next your in between the most modern, towering buildings you have ever seen. Traffic is left hand, and it's busy. But I drove my car around there, and it's not really dangerous driving. In fact, Singapore is extremely well organised and the laws there are kept in a rather ruthless way. (Warning!!!!): Examples: Spitting out chewing gum will get you into jail. Even possession of the stuff can be tricky: don't bring it into the country, because if it is found, it can get you a large fine, at the least. Again, it can even get you into jail! Carrying a knife with a blade of more than 6 inches will get you the death penalty. Please read carefully! I am not kidding. What do you do when you have a car crash? Pray. A kid damaging several cars during a driving trip, was caned nearly to death. Throwing away a cigaret butt will get you a fine of $ 500 Singaporean. So, please be careful. Singapore may seem like a fantastic holiday place, but I know better ones. And just over the causeway, into Malaysia, the temperatures are the same, Kuala Lumpur as interesting as Singapore, but one heck of a lot safer! Yet, prostitution in Singapore is allowed. But carry a Playboy around and it will get you into prison. What a place! But it has it's advantages: nothing is stolen. Leave your purse in the taxi when you want to get out for a minute? No worries. It won't get pinched! The fines on that are just a bit too high. The name Singapore comes from the word "Singa" or Lion and "Pura" for city. "Lion City". The lion is the trademark for Singapore and you will find a marine variety of the lion at the rim of the harbour as a statue.

  • Money: Singapore Dollar.

  • Voltage = 240. Bring an adaptor (multi purpose set, available in Tourist shops. Maybe even on the flight!)

  • Time compared to GMT: summer +8, winter +8

  • Ring Holland: 00531-

  • Activities, tips: First of all: Shopping! Careful with your budget: Prices everywhere are very steep. Then: make a boating tour around the harbour (small, brightly painted boats), visit China Town, go to Sentosa Island (by suspended cable car!) and don't miss the aquarium there (it's a MUST); water skiing, have tea at the Raffles Hotel (also a must!), Botanical Gardens. Make trips to Indonesia. And buy your lenses and spectacles in Singapore as they are cheap here. Do not forget, that customs in the western countries are very interested to see what you bought, especially electronics and camera's! Watch those prices and try to haggle for it. It is well worth the try! The telephones on the street accept credit cards. Remember: import of ivory is forbidden into Europe! Don't forget light clothing: it's the tropics, which means: extreme humidity and warmth (around 30-35 degr. C). When you want to play golf: there's a link on Sentosa Island. But again be careful. You may loose a few balls. The monkeys love them and pinch them before you can get to them!
    There's no need for a visum. A passport suffices. The airport is the largest and best in the world. At least, that's what people say and I agree whole heartedly.

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Lonely Planet Info from Lonely Planet

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Info News from the Strait Times (Singapore/Malaysian News Paper)


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