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Colosseum, Rome
Rome, Italy

 Map of Rome

  • Rome is the capital of Italy, but also of the province Rome as well of the region Latium (Lazio). It has the enormous number of 2.9 (or maybe 3.0 by now) million inhabitants. It is situated along the banks of the Tiber, between the hills of the southern remnants of the volcanic Campagna Romana, on the top of the famous seven hills "Capitol", "Palatine", "Aventine", "Quirinal", "Viminal", "Esquiline" and "Coelius". It's area consists of about 1508 square kilometers, of which 140 sq. kilometers are the historic center within the City Walls of Aurelius and 0.44 is occupied by the Vatican, the seat of the Pope and the smallest self governed state in the world. It is the seat of the government of Italy. With all it's history, is it a wonder, that the city is visited by about 6 million visitors a year? It is the third most important industry town (after Milan and Torino) of Italy, with it's machine building, graphical sector, electronic industry, plastics-, clothing- and food industry.

  • Voltage: 220V, 50 Hz. Bring a universal adaptor!
  • Documents: Passport must be valid at the moment of entry. Children of 15 years and older must have their own passports. Keep it with you at all times.
  • Money: Euro. All credit cards are excepted. The Italians are part of the European Community. And therefore they have changed from the Lire to the Euro on January 1, 2002. And they can be used everywhere in Europe. The value at the moment is $1.32 per 1 Euro.
  • Religion: 98% of the Italians are Roman Catholics.
  • Climate: Travel there between April and June and September and October. Temperatures in Spring are about 15 degr. C and 20 degrees in Autumn. During the summer months the temperature can soar to 40 degrees C, which is just a little too much. In fact, the Romans are then gone from the city! They have found themselves a spot on the coast. The tourists can have the city as far as they are concerned!! In winter the temperature can go down to an average of 8 degrees C. Which is not too bad, off course.

  • Forum in Rome  Forum in Rome from a different angle

  • Call to Holland: 0031 -
  • Time compared to GMT:+1
  • Transport: Coming in through the airport, you can do several things: grab a cab. Oh boy, do be careful there. Try to find out first how much you should pay for a ride into town (for instance to the Central Railway Station). Then get into the queue outside the terminal building and wait for your turn. Do not take a taxi that comes in between. They usually ask twice to three times too much!
    There is also a bus to the Central Station. Or, if you like, take the train. The Airport station is to your left as you come out of the terminal. There is an automatic ticket machine just as you come into the station building. Okay, you may have to stand in line some time. Coming into Rome's Central Station (Stazione Centrale, Roma Termini), you will have to walk a long way, if you entered the train at the airport in the rear. So, you either walk at the Airport or at Rome. In front of the Station you will find a bus station and a bus/tourist office, where you can get all the needed info. The bus services are good. Take a ticket for a day, if you go sightseeing. You can get them at most tobacco shops. They are good for all buses and underground railway lines. It will save you a lot of walking!

  • Activities and tips. Now there's a city to see! One moment you are in the middle of a very modern, mundane city, the next you are placed back 2000 years and walk where the Roman gladiators and senators set there footsteps. To get a reasonable idea of Rome, to really taste it, and see most of the beautiful old history, the Vatican, etc., you will need at least a minimum of 4 days. By the end of those days you will have very sore feet, but feel satisfied to have seen so many historic sites. Don't ever forget, that this is the place where our Western civilisation started!
    Eat anywhere in any restaurant or on a terrace. I had a wonderful meal on one of the terraces on the Piazza Navone, where there are dozens of restaurants. During colder days, they have heaters going among the tables, so even outside during a chilly day, you won't get cold! But go anywhere for a bite or a meal. Most of the smaller restaurants away from the big touristic centers are good but a lot cheaper! Try the real Italian Pizza's. After all, you're in the place where they invented them! As are all the Pasta's. One of the nicest Spaghetti dishes I ever had was the Spaghetti alla Carbonara. It's Spaghetti with cheese, cream, bacon, eggs and a touch of garlic. No tomato sauce! It's something else!! I won't go into the places you must go and see. There are so many and you can find all the info in any book or brochure on Rome. On this page, there are some pictures I took as an example. But do go to the Vatican. The Pope appears every Sunday at about 11 o'clock and if you are lucky enough to get close enough, you can see him very well. But there are also huge television screens at both sides of the Saint Peter Square, so you won't miss much. Again, buses will drop you within the Vatican from anywhere in Rome. Visit the Vatican itself, see the great dome outside and within, etc.

Vatican on Sunday morning  Saint Peter Square, the pope on the terras

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