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LTS Grail Award

AwardSites rating 5.0+ Elite. Member since 2000
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Properly viewing all aspects of this award program requires at least Internet Explorer 5.5+ and/or Netscape v6.0+. The site is designed for 1024 x 768 resolution, although the 800 x 600 resolution works fine too.

AS! Help Now member      This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!      AS! Key Resource for information      AS! Article Contributor
Top Notch Award Program. This Award Sites! 5.0 rated award program is part of the TopNotch Site! by Award Sites! criteria. Please visit TopNotch Site! to learn more about how your site can qualify for this recognition of excellence achieved . . . And remember that winning the award from this program takes your site one step closer for the TopNotch Site! achievement.      AwardSites! Exemplary Hall Honoree      AwardSites! 10 Plus Years Distinguished Rating.The LTS Grail Award Program and its owner, Luuk Francken, have been recognized by Award Sites! with a Distinguished Rating for its 10 plus years listing . . . and being a model of excellence for others to follow while bettering the internet experience      AS! Hall of Quality. 7-12-2005.


To award those sites, that have a content which will give added value to the Internet.
To encourage web masters making the highest efforts in achieving excellence.
To provide a medium that encourages others to strive and succeed.


To promote sites like these, I have decided, in 1998, to start my own Award Program, in the hope to be a small part in improving the way the web will look like and what it has to offer to us all. It has recently been updated with new award graphics, criteria, etc. And with it came more recognition for my award. Thus I became convinced that giving my award was not meant to get more "hits", but that my award really improved the web, by getting web masters to really think about their sites before applying.
I now believe, that when I do award a site, I have indeed helped to achieve my own goal, even though it may be of minimal influence on the web, and probably will not get noticed at all.
However, if we all try the same, it will certainly be a better and prettier place to be part of in the future.

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