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Oslo, Norway

Oslo      Holmenkoll

  • Oslo has a long history. In fact, it is the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals. Yet, the Oslo-er considers the town a large village! And yes, it sometimes has that feeling, when you move around. It is cosy, easy going, green and has those picturesk buildings that make it feel as if you walk around in a country village instead of a cosmopolitan city. Which, of course, it is. They say, that the word "Os" means "long and narrow hill" and the word "Lo" means "field". "The field below the hill". But the scientists are not in agreement about that. Fact is, that the town was started somewhere in 900 AD, which is a respectable age. Oslo has about 525.000 inhabitants

  • Money: Norwegian Krone (1 USD equals about 6.5900 NOK).
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Calls to Holland: 0031 -
  • Time compared to GMT +1
  • Transport: Underground, bus, train, taxi and boat.

  • Health: No special requirements.

  • Sunset over Oslo

  • Activities and tips: Visit the Vigeland Park, where nearly all the magnificent sculptures of Gustav Vigeland have been collected. Take your time for it! Parking is abundant around the park and there's a fine restaurant on the premises ( a bit expensive, I know....). Visit the famous city hall, the Akershus fortress and castle, the Parlement building and the Aker brygge. There's the Holmenkollen, where once the 1972 Olympic ski jumping contests were held, including a museum and a ski simulator! The views from there on the fjord and Oslo is spectacular, especially if you go up in the tower! Do not forget the Thor Heyerdahl museums, where you can see the Papyrus raft Ra II and of course the Kon Tiki made of Balsa wood which he and his friends used for his impressive sea voyages. And there's the "Fram", a famous polar exploring ship used by Fridjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. And last but not least the Viking ships and the museum with it. And of course there's lots more....
    A good tip: get yourself a so-called Oslo Pass. For 24 hours you pay 195 crowns, 48 hours is 285 crowns and 72 hours is 375 crowns. 1 USD equals about 6.5900 NOK. It gives you free travel on public transport (within zone 4), free admission to 25 museums, 2 swimming pools, free parking in municipal car parks, discount on sightseeing trips, including boat trips, discount on the TusenFryd amusement park, on car rentals, food at some restaurants and souvenirs and ice skate rental. It is well worth the expense! I found that the car parking areas were not much good to me, as most car parks I used were with the sightseeing places and there you still have to pay. But there are places in the city where the parking is free using your Pass. For information: go to the tourist office. You can call them at +47 24 14 77 00 or fax them at +47 22 42 92 22. E-mail is also possible: .
    Accommodation: call +47 23 10 62 62. And do not forget a visit to the Viking Ship museum. The "Long ships" were discovered in three large royal burial mounds and have been preserved in a magnificent way for more then 1100 years.
    Eating in Oslo is good, but not cheap. Pizza's in Dolly Dimple's (Stortingsgata, in the NAF building, at Ullevšl Stadium, at Majorstua and Torshov) will give 10% discount when you show your Oslo Pass. The pizzas are fantastic. There's the T.G.I. Friday's/Friday's American Bar, and many more. Prices for accommodation vary a lot, but the good hotels vary between 500 NOK and 700 NOK. Sure you can pay more or less, but these are the recommended hotels. Prices per person per night.

Map Oslo

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