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Statue In Mexico City


Map Mexico

  • Mexico City covers the largest metropolitan area in the world and is the second largest city. There are more than 22 million people and it's high up in the air! 2200 Meters above sea level.. Very modern, very old, dirty and clean. You name it, it has it. Including just about the dirtiest atmosphere in the world.

  • Money: Nuevo Peso. US$= 8-10 nuevo peso (about, depending on present rate!)

  • Voltage 110V, 60 Hz
  • Time compared to GMT: -6.
  • Call to Holland: 9831-
  • Health There is a possibility of Malaria in the country outside Mexico City. Also: Dengue fever, hepatitis, polio, rabies, tetanus and typhoid. Between December and May the air pollution in Mexico City is extremely high. Please get your advice from your health center. There is another danger. Lonely Planet warns: "Please be careful: travelers are targeted by criminals in well-touristed areas such as Mexico City and the beach resorts. Most of these incidents involve petty theft but more serious crimes such as kidnappings and sexual assaults do occur. Travelers should use common sense at all times to avoid any potential risks and take extra caution at night. Violence stemming from Mexico's drug trade does occur throughout the country, particularly in Sinaloa, the northern border states and recently in Acapulco. Travelers should avoid any obviously dangerous situations and respect any local advice regarding safety".

  • Activities and tips: Shopping is a pleasure. There are centers, where you can really get anything you like.. Try the shops and marketplace at Zona Rosa (!), get yourself woolen vests, silver, leather, pottery, onyx and paper flowers! Visit, if you have the time, the Anthropological Museum. In fact, whatever you do, go there! Go to the ballet, or make a trip to the volcano Popocatepetl. Visit Teotihuacan with the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the temple of Quetzalcoatl along the Road of Death. See the historic center, the Plaza de la Constitucion, or better known as the Zocala. In fact, it was first paved by Hernan Cortes with stones from the ruins of temples and palaces of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, the site on which Mexico City was built (around 1520). See the Palacio Nacional there. Then there is the Catedral Metropolitana on the northern side of the Zocalo (build by the Spaniards in the 1520's. Just east of the cathedral are the remnants of the Templo Mayor, the Aztecs' principle temple and the fabulous museum which houses the artifacts discovered at the site. Walk around the Alameda, now a park, in earlier days an Aztec marketplace. The park to see for sure is the Bosque de Chapultepec, with its museums, amusement parks and the official residence of the president. San Angel's colonial houses, the Cuicuilco Pyramid and the Canals of Xochimilco. Enjoy yourselves!

Mexico City

Map Mexico City

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