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Seoul, Korea

Map Seoul

  • Seoul: (pronounce like "Shoal" or something like that!). It is the capital and the heart of the Republic of Korea, as we usually call it : South Korea. The city has 10.2 million people living in it, which is a very large portion of the total population of S. Korea: 45 million! It is the financial, political, commercial, recreational, educational and cultural center of the country. With a bit of luck you can think of some more "'s" and you'll probably will be right.There is a rich and satisfying variety of things to see and do, for residents and visitors alike.

  • Money: Won
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Time compared to GMT: +9
  • Calls to Holland: 00131 -
  • Transport: There are good train- and bus connections. At the airport there is a shuttle bus, driving nonstop around between all the terminals. It's free of charge. Just get on and get off where you want.

  • Activities and tips. One of the things to see, are some of the vestiges of the Choson Dynasty (1392 - 1910), famed for its cultural achievements and various other accomplishments which are still prominent features of the city's landscape, including 5 of the gates and other pieces of the original 10-mile city wall, 4 major palaces and a garden with royal ancestral shrines. They certainly add to the color and charm of modern Seoul. Shop for clothing, jewelry, silk, cuddly toy animals, leather, antiques, sporting goods. In winter: skiing. Visit Songnisan National Park (temples).

weather Weather in Seoul!

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