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Info about ourselves!

Okay, let's talk a bit about ourselves. That is, about my dear wife Perrie, my children Brigitte and Edgar and the grandchildren Olivier, Quirine, Thomas and the last one, a little girl, Louise. Oh yes, and there's little me, of course. Perrie and I live in a town called Bergen op Zoom, which translated means something like Mountains on the Edge, in the Netherlands (Holland, some call it erroneously!). We have some hills in the east of the Netherlands, but mountains? No, not really. So, the name is slightly overdone! The town is located in the South West of the country, some 60 kilometers SSE of Rotterdam.

Blow your horn
Hunting group. Perrie to the right

Above a few pictures of Perrie. The one on the left is of her Hunting Horn - group. That's Perrie on the right. And next to that one is the group we hunt with. Again she's on the right, with our dog Amber lying on the ground before her.
Perrie was born in 1943. She worked as a teacher of medical nurses, but is now retired. She has quite a few hobbies. The first and foremost are the grandchildren whom she adores. Then there's the hunt. She has the right to the hunt in a large area near Bergen op Zoom, with woods and moors, sand hills and shrubbery. Not that there's much to shoot there, as some sickness has really decimated the rabbits there (No, not the "Myxo"!). There are some 25 roes (hinds), but they are there to stay, except when they multiply too much, as the area does not support more than about that number. The hunt may sound cruel, but if the hunt was not executed, the fauna would perish. The fact that most animals have no longer their traditional enemies (wolves, foxes, birds of prey), because the humans have taken their living spaces, the hunt has become more than just getting game to eat. It has now become foremost a means of consolidating the fauna in certain areas. Without the hunt, many animals would perish!

Hunting day

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Perrie shoots clay pigeons too, she is a teacher (hobby!) in First Aid and reanimation ( where she also holds a committee function), she is secretary to the Royal Dutch Hunting Association, section West Brabant (Noord-Brabant is the province we live in), she started and participates in a hunting horn playing group, she is instructor in using the rifle and pistol, etc. On top of that, she's an instructor for the First Aid Group of the Netherlands and an instructor for re-animation ("Nederlandse Hart Stichting"). In fact, she is a very busy lady! She even finds time for me sometimes!
Luuk is from 1935 and has stopped work (Mechanical Engineer and Chemical Engineer) and enjoys his retirement and being home, after a lot of travelling all over the world and being away from home for up to months at a time. He gets hired in sometimes for a short spell in some remote part of the world. The last was in 2000 in Saudi Arabia. He loves that! He's also a hunter, so we often can be found in our field. And yes, he's crazy about clay pidgeon shooting.
We were married in 1986. Both had an ended marriage behind us. I won't go into details, just let it be known that we both are still friends with our ex-partners. Our shared interests are hunting, clay pidgeon shooting, skiing, swimming, travel, music, Amber, our dog, water sports, etc.

Luuk Perrie

Our children and grandchildren

Brigitte was born in 1965 and has 4 children. Two boys: Olivier (1995), Thomas (1999), and two daughters: Quirine (1997), and Louise (2001).
Brigitte is married to Rinus Griep, an economist. He sets up large administrative computer programs in large institutions, such as hospitals, universities, etc. Brigitte was born in Australia, in Adelaide and although she is a Dutch national she also still holds an Australian passport! Two nationalities! They live in Schiebroek, near Rotterdam. Brigitte is now part time nurse in her hometown. Until some years back, she flew with the KLM as stewardess, usually on the "long hauls", but it became a little difficult arranging everything when she had to fly, having 4 children. Edgar (1969) lives in Amsterdam, works with children. He is an accomplished saxophone musician in his free time and plays in several bands, one of which keeps him very busy. He was married, but that only lasted 5 years.

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Let's look at some pictures to get to know us a bit better. And: oh yes. We'd love to hear from you. There is a link to mail us on each page. Please feel free to use it!

Three of the grandchildren Edgar, Brigitte and children

Quirine Brigitte and Thomas Perrie and Olivier


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