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Map Dubai and Deira
Dubai, UAE

  • Dubai. The United Arab Emirates are divided in seven emirates, namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujeirah, Um Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Ajman. When I was there, I was told that the father of the present emirs decided to divide his country in three parts and let each of his three sons have a part. So far, so good. Each of them had special talents and together they made a great job of it, thus the country is economically strong. I have no means of verifying that story, but it sounds good! Mind you, at the time I had no idea that there were 7 emirates! And as there were no 7 sons, the story may be just that... Dubai is the capital of one of those emirates. Abu Dhabi is another, also with a complete different culture. Tourists are welcome and the hotels like the Holiday Inn and the Hilton are frequented by many. All hotels run shuttle buses to and from the hotel to the shopping centers, free of charge. The city of Dubai is built around a natural ocean inlet (Khor Dubai). In fact, the town is split up in two parts. The Northern part is called Deira, while the part south of the creek is called Dubai. They are the two town parts, connected by some bridges and ferries.

  • Money: Dirham
  • Voltage 240 (bring a universal adaptor)
  • Time compared to GMT: Summer: +4. Winter: +4
  • Call to Holland: 0031-
  • Health: There is a possibility of Malaria in the country outside Dubai itself, although it is in my opinion, nearly nonexistent. Please get your advice from your health center.

  • Visa: Visa is required, but easy to obtain. Ring the hotel you're staying in and ask them to arrange it. Tell them exactly when you arrive and let them pick you up from the airport. When you arrive, before you go through customs, pick up your visa from the special desk. If there is any problem, ring the hotel. There is a public phone available on the spot.

  • Dubai

  • Activities and tips: To start of with: visit the Gold Soukh. It is a set of shopping roads, covered from the outside, with many, many shops full of gold jewelry. One of the things you can buy here are the so-called Puzzle Rings, rings that consist out of 4, 6 or 8 rings, cunningly fitted together (loose!), so that they form one. Beware however, that you don't let them come apart. To put them together again is very difficult: it is indeed a PUZZLE ! And again, remember that you can influence the price! Haggle for it. Gold is sold per gram, so that's what you are trying to get down! There are roads that specialise in all sorts of products, like the Gold Soukh mentioned above. There is one road full of clothing materials, well worth your visit if you need some new clothes. Dressmakers galore too where you can get the bought material made into a perfect suit! If you think it is a hot country: yes. But you can go skating!! Or you can make a trip around the harbour (about 30 Dirham). Or play golf. There are many good and reasonable restaurants. Electronics can be bought at Al-Sabkha Road. What I've seen of it: Dubai is one of the few places in the Middle East, where ladies are allowed to wear shorts. But be careful: the sun is strong and can cause burns very easily. Depending on the season: Camel races and Yachting Regattas.

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