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Copenhagen, Harbour

Map Denmark

  • Copenhagen is a beautiful and especially a clean city. A city where many bicyclists wear crash helmets, everybody speaks English and often German, and is foremost friendly towards foreigners (you!). It is the capital of Denmark and the so-called home town of Hans Christian Andersen. Let's put an end to that myth straight away! In fact, it's not Copenhagen where Andersen lived, but Odense!
    Copenhagen has a population of over 1.5 million, while Denmark as a whole has only 5.3 million people living in it. The Danes are a relaxed people well worth your friendship if it comes your way. That manifests itself also in Copenhagen. The town breathes modern living, cleanliness and above all, culture.

  • Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz.
  • Health: There are no risks
  • Time compared to GMT: +1 hour
  • Calls to Holland: 0031 -
  • Andersen's Little Mermaid

  • Currency: Krone (Crown). 1 US$ = about 6.5 Dkr. All credit cards and traveller cheques are accepted. There are plenty of places to change your currencies. However, the banks will charge quite a bit for the exchange of traveller cheques. Prices are steep in Denmark for food and drinks, so restaurants are also expensive. Expect to pay out US$ 65-75 per day on a modest hotel and eating in inexpensive restaurants. Car rental is also very expensive. Renting it in Germany and driving it to Denmark might save you a lot: it's about one third of the price.Tipping is not necessary as it is already included in the price. Still, a ten percent tip or rounding up the bill upwards is generally done. No bargaining for prices.

  • Visa: Tourists need no visa. A valid passport is necessary. You will get a tourists entry at arrival at the airport.

  • Activities and tips: One of the things I would recommend is to take a stroll in the center. Just walk around the harbour with its with its red houses, traditional ships (mostly yachts), the square with the Royal Palace, and off course, stroll a bit further along the banks and see the little mermaid from the fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen. With a bit of luck, she'll have her head (it's been stolen several times, one of which was only very recent: in 1998). Do not be disappointed. It sits on a stone just off the bank, and you look upon it from above. It's very small and you'll easily miss it! I think it's no more than about 1 meter high (the statue itself). . It's only a ten minute walk along the waterfront to the north of the city center.
    Eat flaeskesteg ( roast pork with crackling) gravad laks (cured or salted salmon marinated in dill and served with a sweet mustard sauce) and skibalabskovs (a stew made of square cuts of beef boiled with potatoes, bay leaves and pepper. The name is very old. It was often served to sailors. The word "skib" means "ship" and "labskovs" means stew, made of leftovers in those far off days.) and have smørrebrød (buttered bread). They have excellent beers. Try the products from the bakeries. Sample the many restaurants of excellent quality. Have lunch where Andersen did too because it was cheap: along the west side of the Central Station Nyhavn, especially in the nearby Strøget with its many cheap eateries. There's the famous Tivoli, a pleasure park; museums galore, make a harbour cruise and if you feel up to it, travel to the north of the country, Jut land, and visit Legoland, just north of Billund, a theme park built with the well known plastic lego blocks. In fact, there is but one thing to do in Copenhagen: enjoy yourself. By the way, remember: this is the place all those scary Norman's came from in the olden days.....!

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