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  • Curaçao, an island with many aspects. Great for a holiday and leisurely strolls along the floating market, through the center of the capital Willemstad, and lots more. It has a marvelous climate, never too hot, always some wind to cool you off, friendly people. A flat topped mountain overlooks the island, which is the first thing you notice when you arrive from sea. The harbour used to be protected against enemies from sea by a fortress, which still exists. Part of it is a hotel now.

  • Language:Papiamento (a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch mostly); Dutch and English are spoken.

  • Distances and population: The island is only 180 square miles and has a population of 170.000 people. The capital is Willemstad. Curaçao still belongs to the Netherlands.

  • Climate and time compared to GMT: Average temperature is around 25 degrees C (82 F). It's very dry, as the island receives only some 22 inches of rain annually (usually in November and December). Mostly a cooling trade wind. Time -4 compared to GMT.

  • Calls to Holland: 0031 -
  • Transport on the Island: Off course you can take a taxi. Arrange the price beforehand (the going rate is about US$ 25-30 per hour.The trip from the airport to Willemstad should be about US $ 12 for up to 4 passengers per vehicle. You can also rent a jeep like vehicle, for a reasonable price (starting at about US $ 35 a day). Or take the bus! You can choose from two:

    • The yellow public transportation buses, called "convoy" by the locals.
    • The private vans or cars with "BUS" on their license plates. Their capacity is 6 to 14 passengers.

    Both operate regularly during the day to varied destinations. The best place to locate these buses is the Punda Bus Terminal (downtown marketplace) or the Otrobanda Bus Terminal (under the overpass).

  • Voltage: Normally 110-130 V. 50 Hz. In some hotels, 220V is available.
  • Money: Antilean Guilder (Florin). Going rate is about $1 US to 1.77 NAf. Most credit cards are excepted, as well as US and Canadian Dollars.

  • Visa, travel documents: Valid passport. US tourists need only a birth certificate, naturalization papers, affidavit or Alien Registration Card. All visitors need to be able to show a return- or through ticket to a destination outside the Netherlands Antilles. Dutch citizens are advised to bring a valid passport.

  • Activities and tips. Water skiing, fishing, horse riding, diving, yachting. Visit the Curacao Seaquarium, look into a "Landhuis", Christoffel Park, visit the Bolivar Museum, the Amstel Brewery, the Jewish Synagogue and Mount Christoffel (call 640363 for info on guided tours or join the "Deer Watch", which is open to small groups each day, when the deer are feeding. Swim, sunbathe (be careful: the sun is strong even though the trade wind keeps you from overheating! And stroll along the floating market.


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