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Sydney Harbour
Sydney, Australia

Sydney map

  • Sydney, the largest city of Australia. is NOT the capital! Many think so, but the honors there are taken by Canberra. It is a town to spend your holidays. Beaches that are world famous, such as Bondi Beach, very near to the center of the town and adjacent to it Bronte Beach, are the most well known. But there are many more. The harbour is also well known. The Sydney Opera House is a must to see, very near to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Currency: Australian dollar. Until 1967 Australia used the Australian Pound, Shilling and Pence. It then changed it's currency radically!

  • Voltage 240 V, 50Hz. Bring a universal adapter!
  • Visa Next to a valid passport, you need one. If you take one for up to three months, it's free of charge. Otherwise you'll have to pay (about US$ 20)

  • Calls to Holland: 001131 -
  • Time compared to GMT: Summer +10. Winter +12.
  • NSW Travel Center: (+61)(0) 2 231 4444, where the + stands for your international entree code. Calling to Australia, drop the"0"!

  • Activities and tips: There's so much to do, I will have to make a selection of things I wouldn't miss these for the world (and I didn't!). To start off: the Sydney Opera House. I lived in Adelaide at the time it was being build. It was a financial disaster, costing umpteen times more then foreseen. But they finished it and it is now world famous. You'll have a fantastic sight over the harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge from there. Visit Kings Cross district for theaters, restaurants, shopping etc. Especially the "etc". And at night, the view from Sydney Cove over the city is fabulous. There's more. Hunter Valley, trips to the Blue Mountains, harbour cruises, the Hawkesbury River Mail boat. For a cheap but tasteful and good meal: visit the restaurant No Names on Cowper Street. And then there's Cafe Neon, Bondi Beach. Check also the info buttons below.

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