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Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska painting by myself   Alaska painting by myself

  • Anchorage is not the capital of Alaska, as many people think, but the town one arrives at when flying in. The capital of Alaska is Juneau, a city with a population of 31.000 inhabitants.
    Now who in his or her right mind would go to a cold country like that? You and I. It is a fantastic holiday destination with a temperate climate, even in winter, due to its location protected by mountain ranges, In winter it can be cold (13 degrees F), but then skiing is a terrific option. Population: 250.000. The whole state (49th state of the USA) holds about 606.000 inhabitants. The sun shines 1 in 4 days average. Anchorage is located in Cook Inlet, a finger of the Gulf of Alaska, reaching nearly 200 miles (320 km) inland. North of Anchorage is Denali National Park with the highest peak: Mount McKinley. The approach over sea from the air is, to say the least, spectacular. Especially if there are more aircraft in the air. You'll cross wide expanses of tranquil seas, spotted with icebergs, ice flakes and whales if you're lucky, against a background of beautiful mountainous land. At the Int. Airport, it is interesting to see, how Japanese visitors fly to Anchorage, but never get out of the Terminal, buying heaps of chocolates and then fly home again!! There is a tourist desk in the building.

  • Voltage: 110/120 V, 60 Hz. Bring a universal adaptor!
  • Money: US Dollar. All credit cards are excepted.

  • Alaska painting by myself

  • Call to Holland: 01131 -
  • Time compared to GMT:-9
  • Transport:

    There are many possibilities, especially during the Summer months. Many companies start their business then, transporting people by bus, train, airplane, balloon, bicycle or pedicab. Check the ACVB's Visitor Center (Fourth Ave and F str. or at the airports) for information on tours and transportation or consult the Anchorage Visitors Guide (get it from the center). On top of these, there's the public transport, People Mover, which covers the entire Anchorage basin. The transit center is at Sixth and G. Timetables available at US $ 1. Exact fare of $1 is required. People Mover Day Passes cost $ 2.50. The latter is advisable if you want to look around a bit.

  • Activities and tips.

    Museums (8), shopping, tours to the glaciers, fjords where you can enjoy the Kodak moments, climbing, kayaking, flight seeing, visit the Denali National Park, just North of Anchorage, and if you like flying, get a plane ride up at Lake Hood (float plane base). Hotels, restaurants and nightclubs on Spenard Road, skiing at Alyeska Resort with its lifts, a 60-passenger aerial tram, 6 restaurants and an impressive hotel complex (mid November to end of April). Go to the Portage Glacier and for Native Culture: Eklutna Historical Park. The Alaskan Zoo and Thunderbird Falls (on the Old Glenn Highway, some 26 miles north of Anchorage, towards Eklutna). Eat at Marx Bross Cafe (Alaskan fresh seafood, game meats) on 627 West Third Avenue. Oh yes, do enjoy the fabulous scenery of Alaska to the fullest. I have added a few of my own paintings to show you that I was captivated by it. It is nature as you'll never see it again!

Alaska map

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Lonely Planet Info from Lonely Planet on Alaska

Lonely Planet Info from Lonely Planet on Anchorage

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